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Pending a real post, enjoy this:

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I’m told that Paprika is coming out with something spectacular.


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Pepper Lee Hales is a twenty something, married, vicious feminist liberal. She likes dogs, cats, spiders, epistemics and cake.

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  1. In the meantime… can we just mention that “Dave” apparently had the time on his hands to make several different accounts (some name I forget – yes already – “Moses”…and… ironically… “sarah”, “Nikki04”, and “Pepper”…) and then posted an entire conversation that we were not a part of?

    The thing he didn’t, sadly, realize is that each post is connected to his e-mail account. Hmm.

    Despite the demeanor, perhaps we’re getting under his skin. But I think “making up fake accounts to post comments that tell you you’re right when you’re still yourself” is about a “drink-5” on the manspanin’ drinking game. And so I win.

    I deleted them, for accuracy, although they were pretty amusing (I think he had Sarah refusing to speak to him any more then looking for a duster, and I told him I couldn’t find my “vulva-colored glasses” … and then found them “wrapped around a penis!”). Perhaps I will hang on to them for a future blog…

    Just had to share! Gave me a laugh!

    • That is effing hilarious! I was wondering how he was agreeing with himself so happily. I mean really, creating fake accounts in the hope of winning by appeal to the crowd is a sign that we won so hard we won into next Tuesday 😛 Oh I really didn’t mean to take over your comments but, seriously. I couldn’t resist. Also, Vulva-Colored Glasses is a band name that needs to happen.

  2. Actually, HE had “vulva-coloured glasses” (interesting) that were wrapped around a penis… And I asked him if he wanted to “play hotdogs” and I would be the roll.

    Maybe he was being funny, actually. They’re quite amusing. He did send me right to them…

  3. Most recent comment from Dave?

    “My pc is fully protected against malware Nikkio4. Is yours?


    I suppose I should block him or something. How unfortunate. I actually thought he was being funny for half a second. And… um… if, according to his logic, feminists attempt to create “malice between men and women”, and are “weak” with “low self-control”… does making shit up and then resorting to threats automatically, using his own self-proclaimed definition, make him a feminist?

    Oh, we “won” into next year. And, if this were a drinking game, we’re also shitfaced.


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