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Also: WTF, People?

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Search Terms for 30 days ending 2010-12-05 (Summarized)

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2010-11-05 to Today

Search Views
pepper and paprika blog 5
caravaggio angel 4
snow fuck 2
fucking snow 2
springs1 1
fuck sex on bodyoil 1
remembrance from god 1
don´t worry i fight dirty 1
instinct flowers 1
i say bulshits sometimes 1
boondoggle sucks 1
vaginas & flowers 1
springs1 bitch 1
rise above being a asshole 1
srsly owl 1
subjective truth definition 1
will paprika make you shit 1
usa rainbow flag 1
springs1 tipping 1
paprika wage 1
pepper and paprika 1
hahahno 1
ignoring someone poking 1
golden mean bullshit 1

About Paprika

Paprika Davis is a perpetually annoyed twenty-something college student waitress who would rather be a squirrel. The lack of commas in the previous sentence bothers her, but her laziness overrides her desire to improve the writing.

4 responses »

  1. It could be a shitty, pretentious, unpuncuated poem!

    My reaction is LOL, Seriously Tho Gif - LOL, Seriously Tho
    see more Gifs

    Ah, it’s been a good GIF party tonight.

  2. HA HA HA tell me about it!

    I think I got “woman fuk son” once. Yikes on that.

  3. …I…what!? How does that even lead to your blog? I mean, how does “will paprika make you shit,” lead to our blog? None of this makes any sense at all.

  4. Oh, Pepper. Don’t lie. We all know you slipped a post in somewhere that went something like this:

    Paprika makes you say bulshits sometimes re: springs1 tipping and golden mean bullshit. Snow? Fuck! The instinct flowers are a remembrance from god, so, srsly owl, rise above being an asshole. Ignoring someone poking IS the subjective truth definition, and the usa rainbow flag has both vaginas & flowers. Boondoggle sucks, but don’t worry!–I fight dirty. Paprika’s wage is a caravagio angel and fuck sex on body oil.

    What did you say? Springs1 TIPPING? Hahahno.


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