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Link around, version: Don’t you hate it when the (progressive) dog you trust bites you?

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We’ve been on a brief hiatus, as Very Serious Life Business has kept Paprika  and me Very Seriously Busy.


You know what else is Very Serious Business, readerati?

Fr rlz, a dude being accused of charged with rape. Indeed, the MSM and many a lefty dude agree, This Is Very Serious Business.

It’s a conspiracy! She was a radical feminist! Bitchez be lying! Rape accusations and charges are “hooey!” A nice/powerful/attractive to some/cool/funny/intelligent/lefty/freedom fighter JUST CAN’T BE A RAPIST!

No, seriously. Check out the ever awesome tastic Sady Fuckin’ Doyle over at Tigerbeatdown. And next, PLEASE go read Harriet’s fucking incredible take down at Fugitivus. In fact I won’t mind if you stop reading this right now to go read that.

And Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon. Oh, And Melissa and Co over at Shakesville.

Furthermore, shout outs to the various Jezebel posts on the wikileaks Julian Assangegate bullshit that is currently exploding all over the interwebs. Pursuit of Harpyness too.

And now. For those of you who just don’t feel like clicking through, a run down on the consensus that the feminist blogosphere has more or less reached–

1. Wikileaks may or may not be important work, many lefty types feel quite passionate about its importance. So.

2. Julian Assange is not Wikileaks. Wikileaks will shine on like the crazy diamond it is no matter what happens with these charges.

3. We all agree that we don’t know what we don’t know about these allegations. But we do know that if the allegations are true, they are straight up, unquestionable charges of rape. Not broken condom, not “sex by surprise” (which by the way, is a really stupid heinous rape joke, quite popular amongst misogynists, and has never been any part of law, thank fuck). Rape. For the Whoopi Goldbergs in the audience, rape-rape, if you will (I wish you wouldn’t).

4. We live in a worldwide rape culture, and the accusers in this case have faced the same kind of awful, awful shit that any rape victim of any powerful/famous man faces, and that is what we take Very Serious Issue with. There is no reason to go all “bitchez be lying!” toward these women because their alleged rapist is a high profile dude who is doing things that make some people very very happy, and some people very very upset.

5. It is not More Serious to be accused of rape than to actually be raped, so everyone needs to stop with the “bitchez by lying ALL THE TIME!” shit, and “But she wasn’t whatever my personal definition of a perfect victim is! LIES!”

6. Kieth Olberman and Michael Moore went and Fucked Right Up In Very Serious Ways.

7. Really, conspiracy theorists, if the CIA wanted to get him busted on something, they could definitely do better than rape charges. Which is to say, you people need to decide if the gubbmint is terrifyingly powerful and capable of knitting vasty conspiracies which keep us all in the dark about the aliens that shot JFK with Jimmy Hoffa’s future spine, or sort muddling and incompetent. One or the other, people, one or the other.

Why not child porn? Why not drugs? Why not, oh, I don’t know, since he’s already been in trouble for hacking, make it look like he stole a bunch of money from orphans. Rape, as we are seeing in real time, isn’t actually a very good way to secure a conviction or extradition. The fact that these allegations are being taken seriously because of who the accused is, in no way indicates that these charges are false. They might just be a fucking windfall for the people who hate the guy.

8. Oh yeah– this one is my favorite. If you don’t give a shit about ladyproblems like rape, if you think feminist issues aren’t real issues, or aren’t important issues, YOU AREN’T PROGRESSIVE.

That sums that up, I think.

Or, if it’s a case of tl;dr, then how about…

Oh, progressive left, I like to think of you like this:

Deep thinking! But Really, I just want to hug you. And believe that you will rescue me if I'm drowning!

But then this whole Assange rape allegations thing happened, and I remembered that you are really more like this:

No, this area is for lefty people (read dudes) only. Bitches fuck off. Thats right, you let me into your house and gave me noms and I AM REPAYING YOU WITH THIS.

Now, a very special message from me!

This is me, speaking some truth. Also, this is what you get when you google truthful owl

The sick sad truth is that rapists are more likely than not to be nice normal seeming dudes who people admire. The statistics bear this out, and this is why reported rapes result in very few convictions. Not because it’s a case of he said/she said. Oh no.  We don’t struggle with other crimes that are he said/she said like non sexual assault in the same way that we struggle with rape. Somehow, juries and judges are trusted to parse out the truth about muggings! And yet.

No, most rapes are treated as he said/lying bitch out to destroy him or crazy bitch out for revenge or irrational hysterical bitch or slutty bitch or just regrets how much of a whore she felt like afterwards bitch or shouldn’t have been wearing that or she invited him in bitch or she didnt fight hard enough bitch or she went to his place bitch or if she WAS wearing that it couldn’t have happened bitch or he is her boyfriend or he is her husband or it doesn’t happen to nice girls.

The discourse currently heating up the twine and can system of the internet right now about this high profile case? It is confirming all of the above.

Look, we have to cope with the complexity of things– rapists produce great art and literature, rapists are beloved philanthropists and revolutionaries, rapists are not slavering maniacs in the bushes. Rapists are, more often than not, just normal seeming dudes.

( Std feminist disclaimer: Yes, men and people on all points of the gender performance spectrum are survivors too, no it is not less serious than when rape happens to trans or ciswomen, yes trans and ciswomen can rape. However, perpetrators are overwhelmingly more likely to be men known to their victims. And victims are overwhelmingly more likely to be trans or ciswomen. And that is who we are having this post about, mmkay? Mmkay.)

Entitled dudes. Dudes who don’t probably think, and now I’m just going to rape someone. Dudes who probably like to imagine that they were just being alpha, just taking control of the situation, just acting like a MAN you know? She was sending signals, no matter what she said, or that she was crying or stiff as aboard or shaking. Dudes who think that they are good people, that it was really just her being irrational about things and on, and on, and on to the ends of the earth and the bowels of hell.

We have a deep desire to draw a bright line and never dirty our hands with the stuff of monsters who commit Very Serious Crimes like rape. Well, we on the left who, at least generally believe that rape can happen and that women are semi people. Sort of.

But then we just jump over into bizzarro backwards land where instead of saying “I may have been wrong about that fellow!” we stick our fingers into our ears, screw our eyes shut and scream “Bitchez be lying!! La La La La La!!!”


I don’t care that some people find Julian Assange neat. I don’t know that he is a rapist, but, I don’t know that he isn’t. So let’s trust the victims of this crime in the same way that we would trust someone who claimed they were mugged, shall we?

Now, go forth and donate to RAINN (matched donations until December 31st!) if you can, or get all tweety bird at Michael Moore via tigerbeatdown, or for the fuck of shit, the next time some asshat is puking rape apologia all over you, call them on it, if you can. Especially if they claim to be progressive or liberal or leftist.


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Pepper Lee Hales is a twenty something, married, vicious feminist liberal. She likes dogs, cats, spiders, epistemics and cake.

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  2. I have no words.

    Oh wait, yes I do. I think I’ll blog about it. Maybe I’ll come up with something.

    WTF, Pepper, WTF.


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