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Ah, the “History” Channel.  I actually kind of adore the logical faily shark jumpingly bad pseudo science with people who look like they had a rough night in alley with whiplash, spray on tanning solution and a can of mousse.  I love the parade of confirmation biases– it’s like the fucking  Macy’s parade!

Specifically, This guy. Look at that magnificient forehead and that hair. Sadly, his rich mahogany tan is not on display.

But I’m watching this wonderful exercise in doomsday predicting called “Prophets of Doom,” now. Look, there are some big heaping ass problems. American life and human life as we know it will change.

But you know what apparently IS NOT a problem? That they have a room full of “experts” on the decline and fall of the American Empire and all of these experts are… white, middle class, college educated, men.

Here’s the score, if things get as dire as these dudes are predicting, and they well may– who is most likely to suffer? Who has the biggest stake? Privileged white dudes is not the answer, if you need a hint.

Also, there are currently more lady scientists than at any time in the known history of the world, and so… None of them were available to talk about important things? Women, we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about the meltdown of civilization.


Pictured: How the History Channel sees Women.

I’m sick of casual sexism, and I’m sick of people talking and acting as though it will be up to men to set shit right and fix things. It won’t. It has been made clear over, and over, and over again that women are the ones who will invest in their communities, their families, and themselves if given the resources. So why am I sitting here watching a bunch of guys talking about these issues and NOT talking about addressing the problems be restructuring society in the profoundest way possible– empowering the oppressed.

Concerned about overpopulation? Empower women and provide them with reproductive healthcare.

Worried about the lack of alternative energies? Tap into the brain power of half of the goddamned population and stop shunting women and people of color out of engineering.

See how that works? If the elites aren’t running things well, then they do not deserve to concentrate and conserve their power based on gender and skin color. Because they are insulated from the suffering that they cause, they do not deserve to be making decisions for people who have no insurance against the worst to come.

Look, there isn’t any mystery here.

I’m not saying women are inherently better than men, that would be asinine.

What I am saying is that women are in a unique position, as people of color and other minorities are, to see the blind spots from below.  I am saying that some really simple supply and demand issues that are negatively impacting the environment and the future of the species stem from the oppression of women and people of color. When you keep people oppressed, you can reap short term gains, but we’re seeing the fruits of that kind of thinking now.

I am saying that the decline and fall of empires throughout history has one very very clear commonality– the suppression and violent oppression of women and “outsiders,” the continued concentration of power and decision making in the hands of people less and less in touch with the reality of  things. It is not inevitable. Patriarchy and racism are not inevitable. The abuse of the environment and of people in the name of the market or of god is not inevitable. But the conversation has got to change.


Pictured: The most successful social species on the planet in terms of numbers. How do they do it? For starters, they don't automatically ignore half of their population. We need to do better than the ants, people.

So… History Channel, can we get some women to talk about this stuff? Or some people of color? Please?

ETA: OH MY GAAAAAWD! They just showed a sad hobo post apocalyptic white guy staring sadly at a crumpled aged picture of a white woman and two little white girls. So the ladies and the people of color won’t be surviving, apparently. Which explains the complete erasure from all this experting. Nope, no more sexism here. Move along, it’s a post feminist paradise.

Thats it.


Heyooo folks. I'm a female jumping spider. I'm quite intelligent, and your future? Belongs to me.




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Pepper Lee Hales is a twenty something, married, vicious feminist liberal. She likes dogs, cats, spiders, epistemics and cake.

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  1. Oh, there is no such thing as racism or sexism or whatever any more. Sure, we still don’t like the gays or those weird people who don’t like their god-given gender (look ’em up and they’ll get better!) but that’s because they’re freaks of nature and we’re not supposed to.

    We have a black president right? Right. We’re not out burning bras any more right? Right.

    Uh huh. Just because it ain’t callin’ you a n-word to ya face or tellin’ you to getcher ass back in the kitchen woman and make me a sandwich, doesn’t mean it ain’t there. I can’t decide what’s worse, really. The blatant, horrific, in-your-face shit of the past, or the subtle, unconscious, keep-the-white-dudes-out-front-but-don’t-let-anyone-realize-what-you’re-doing shit. Sure, one is ree-donk-u-lous and horrendously oppressive, but the other is too – and it’s better at saying “what are you talkin’ ’bout, you crazy liberal woman? You crazy.”


  2. Yeah, I mean, I am thankful to our foremothers for making the worst kind of sexism publicly verboten. I can’t even imagine the kind of grit and ovaries like diamonds it took, and I am grateful. But I LOATHE this sort of low level white noise sexism that we live with. Because when you point it out, you get into this conversation about people having “good intentions” and how your just looking for things to get outraged about. It’s easy not to see the big picture, and not to see the problems and it is SO angrymaking.


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