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The GOP hates babies and mothers with the fiery hatred of a thousand thousand suns

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No. Seriously.

They do.

Check it out, courtesy of Shakesville and TigerBeatdown

Notice something. Because it’s important.

First you're gonna be like this...

There are several anti-abortion bills in the house right now, and LOTS of anti-abortion mumblety-peg being played at the state level, because shitting on women, especially poor women, especially poor women of color, creates jobs (it’s true, for jesus told them so!) or something.

But the list of proposed budget cuts courtesy of Shakesville. Well.  It strikes me that pushing anti-abortion legislation and cutting funding for WIC, Job Creation and Training, and Reproductive health services (which provides pre- and post-natal care for pregnant women) is wanting to have it both ways.

Not to mention all of the other scary, scary proposed budget cuts which will do nothing but harm the environment, make food and drugs less safe, muzzle scientific research, and uh…not create jobs. Most likely, these cuts would actually cause a net job loss as these agencies are forced to pare down. Because the GOP hates public workers, even though paradoxically, they are public workers.  They’re bananas basically. Don’t bother digging for logic, you’ll just get burned on the earth’s molten core.

And then you're all... ha ha ha! Surely they jest! Lollerskates!


And by wanting to have it both ways, I mean wanting to ensure maximum suffering and hopelessness, especially for children. Especially for poor children. Especially for poor children of color. And disabled kids, because fuck you, that’s why, apparently.


And then you're just like...wait, what?

You’ve got to fucking kidding me with this GOP. You’re going to create jobs by…. cutting funding for jobs creation and also shitting on half the population? Have you ever even LOOKED at a history book that didn’t come from Texas?

They aren’t even trying to disguise how much they loathe women and children. I can only conclude that the GOP hates babies and mothers with the fiery hatred of a thousand  thousand burning suns.

And it sinks in, they aren't kidding. They aren't even bothered by the searing cognitive dissonance. Oh god.

So please. Please protest. Sign petitions, talk to your friends, be an annoying asshole who insists that people have to think about things.

If we have to take to twitter,  let’s take to twitter. If we have to send e-mails and make phone calls, let’s send e-mails and make phone calls. If we have to march on D.C., let’s fucking march on D.C.

Oh Hi! It's Us. All of Us. And it turns out that we have teeth. Big teeth.

Individualism is fine and dandy until it stops working. It’s not going to work now. Apathy is not going to help women get the safe, legal medical care they deserve and need. Apathy will not provide nutrition to babies and children. Individual action will not help create jobs and foster progress.

We have each other. That’s my clarion call. That’s all I have. This shit is bananas.  And sometimes, my reaction to it is this:


But right now, I’m thinking that progressive USian feminists need to get loud, get attention and get the GOP to back the fuck down off the nanner tree.

Because we’ve only got each other, in the end.

Pictured: Non-bananas.



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Pepper Lee Hales is a twenty something, married, vicious feminist liberal. She likes dogs, cats, spiders, epistemics and cake.

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  1. Dude. Just when you thought the bananas couldn’t get any worse.

    Thanks for voting for them, other USians, so they feel like they can start pulling this shit.

    Canada, anyone?


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