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About Pepper and Paprika

This blog is about random witticism, feminist and other kinds of analyses, writing, doodles, food, relationships and sex, and whatever-the-hell-else us two benevolent Dictatrixes feel like posting.

This is not a feminism 101 space, and although not all of the content will be feminist, horsepucky will be scooped out with the rest of the straw.

Racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, homophobia and xenophobia will not be tolerated. No Rape jokes, no Domestic Violence jokes, no Fat-phobic language, no triggering language, no body-snarking, no religious intolerance,  no exceptions. This will get your comment blocked the first time, and any subsequent trolling earns you a ban.

This is a personal blog, written by two cis-gendered, able-bodied, white, lower to middle class women, and while we will try like hell not to erase anyones identity in our serious/analytical posts we probably won’t always succeed, but if you comment we will listen.

That said, Pepper is an arachnologist in addition to her many other gifts, and will not hesitate to send her army of ninja spiders after you if you indulge in mansplainin’, derailing, what about the menzin’ or any other offensive, trolly stupidity. No, really. Spiders will crawl out of your electrical outlets and eat your face while you sleep. Also. Paprika will publicly flame you.

Recipes and excerpts can be used with permission, just e-mail us.


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  2. Why are you under the impression that “mansplainin'” isn’t derogatory? Or is it okay to be derogatory to men but not to women?

  3. [exasperated sigh, followed by the obvious response that “mansplaining” refers to a very specific misogynist behavior and is not a term feminists trot out every time a man explains something]

  4. Hey! Just wanted to check in and make sure you two were doing okay, since I haven’t seen any updates in a while. Hope all is well.

    • Thanks, you too! Sorry about the radio silence. I’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging,,,maybe I should stop thinking and just do. 🙂

  5. im willing to bet the farm ur FAT

  6. as is the three genius’ that made this website

  7. Not to be contrarian or split hairs, but you’re defending “mansplainin’”? Really? In that case, I just wanted to make sure that the use of “femayappin'” is just as obvious a legitimate reference to a specific kind of misandrist behavior that, equivalently, isn’t trotted out but in the most appropriate of instances.

    That’s not to say you’re not fighting the good fight — but you have entire posts on slights greater than this. It looks sloppy. In what is no doubt a witticism in the informal writing style consistant with in-the-know blogs, it comes off as a little hypocritical here and undermines the spirit of your work.

    And yet I suppose if one cannot get past a patronizing “exasperated sigh” or two, then one wouldn’t be able to get very far into your blog anyway. [Meant in the most affectionate way possible.]

  8. Nothing like a little constructive criticism to reveal true colors.

    • Dude, I implore you to go back and read your original comment. It was literally one of the most earnestly stupid pieces of shit that has ever graced the comments section of this blog, which is…impressive. It’s too stupid to engage in a remotely intelligent way, so uh, yeah, I think I’ll just sit back and laugh at you. It’s more fun, and you don’t deserve better. 🙂


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